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Shareholder Advocate Associate Posted May 04
Green Century Capital Management , Boston, MA (Boston)
Green Century Capital Management, Inc. (Green Century) administers the Green Century Funds, the first family of no-load environmentally responsible mutual funds. Founded and wholly owned by non-profit advocacy organizations, Green Century is dedicated to promoting an environmentally sustainable economy. The Green Century Funds are designed to achieve competitive returns while putting investors' money to work for cleaner air, cleaner water, and greater corporate environmental responsibility.
The Green Century mission:
• Provide environmentally responsible investing opportunities for those who care about the planet while seeking competitive returns
• Promote corporate environmental responsibility through a comprehensive and sustained shareholder advocacy program
• Support the advocacy and public interest work of Green Century’s founding non-profit organizations by generating revenue to fund their programs

Green Century is seeking to add a talented person to our shareholder advocacy team in order to expand Green Century’s ability to improve corporate environmental practices. Among other issues, the Advocate will work on expanding our shareholder advocacy program to protect tropical rainforests by changing the supply chain of national and international suppliers, traders and buyers of key agricultural commodities. This work will build on the successful Tropical Forest Protection Campaign that Green Century has led since 2012.

Job Description
Green Century’s Shareholder Advocate will bring critical environmental concerns to America’s largest corporations and help develop strategies to ensure that the corporations respond by improving their practices.

The Shareholder Advocate will research a broad range of environmental issues and corporate practices to identify opportunities for change and will help develop the business case for taking responsible environmental action. The Shareholder Advocate will also help coordinate Green Century’s work with that of other responsible investors as well as with the broader community of environmental advocates, researchers, and policy experts.

The Advocate will also bring pressure to bear on targeted corporations by promoting Green Century’s issues, campaigns, and work.

The Advocate will work closely with our other shareholder advocates and report to the President.

Green Century is seeking a candidate with a demonstrated commitment to the environment, excellent writing skills, exceptional people skills, an appreciation of strategy, a fearless approach to calling members of the media, and a proven ability to juggle multiple projects. The candidate should be able to work effectively in both corporate and non-profit settings.

Specific responsibilities of the position may include and are not limited to:
• Assisting in the development and implementation of the annual advocacy plan
• Assisting in the development and implementation of actions targeting specific environmental concerns and companies
• Communicating with corporations through written correspondence, telephone, and in-person meetings
• Negotiating with company representatives
• Drafting and filing shareholder resolutions
• Attending corporate annual general meetings
• Voting the proxies for companies owned by Green Century and the Funds
• Representing Green Century in shareholder coalitions
• Developing and working with selected coalition efforts
• Communicating with non-profit organizations to develop and coordinate actions
• Writing and distributing press releases and speaking with members of the press
• Writing and producing materials describing Green Century’s work
• Promoting Green Century to various audiences
• Supporting the broader mission of Green Century and our non-profit owners, as needed

We seek applicants who possess a strong commitment to environmental issues and environmentally responsible businesses, but do not necessarily have full-time work experience. The successful candidate will also bring the following skills and attributes to the position: strong verbal, writing, interpersonal, strategic, and analytical skills; energy and commitment to socially responsible investing; a team orientation that balances individual contribution and group effort; and an ability to bring integrity and collegiality to our corporate dialogues. Ability to travel periodically and a college degree is required.

Boston, Massachusetts

Salary & Benefits
Salary for this position is on a non-profit advocacy scale and will be commensurate with relevant experience. Green Century offers a comprehensive benefits package, including individual or family health care coverage, a 401k retirement plan, educational loan assistance and an opportunity to participate in the firm’s disability insurance plan. Opportunities for advancement, travel, and additional training are available.

Additional Information
Please visit

To Apply
Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter in confidence to: Please indicate in the subject line: Green Century Shareholder Advocacy Candidate.

Green Century Capital Management, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer

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