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Scientific Programmer Posted Aug 08
I. M. Systems Group (IMSG) , College Park, MD
I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG), leading a Scientific and Technical Support Team (IMSG Team, consisting of IMSG, Inc. and subcontracting companies) is looking for qualified scientific programmer candidates to support NOAA’s Algorithm Scientific Software Integration and System Transition Team (ASSISTT) in College Park, Maryland.

ASSISTT specializes in transitioning systems from research to operations. We support integration tasks for several NOAA weather satellites by ensuring that a functional algorithm is in place and ready for operations. ASSISTT works with science teams and stakeholders to: conduct a standard set of project reviews; generate a standard set of documentation; develop and refine requirements; track risks and mitigations; clean code for coding/security, common data formats and metadata (CF & ISO), standard languages, tools, and libraries; test software; validate products, perform configuration management; and prepare the Delivered Algorithm Package.

Job Duties:
• Provides programming and software engineering support for the next generation NOAA weather satellites using industry standard software engineering techniques.
• Design, code, test, and document interfaces of moderate to high complexity.
• Work with NOAA government staff to coordinate science products, algorithm development, and science processing.
• Support science algorithm integration and research-to-operation efforts.

Required Skills:
• 2+ years of experience in Fortran and/or C/C++
• 2+ years of knowledge of Unix/Linux
• Experience with Python, Perl, or shell scripting

Desired Skills:
• Experience with real-time and off-line processing of satellite data, science algorithm development.
• Experience processing and managing large volumes of data
• Experience with interoperability between Fortran 90/95 and C/C++
• Experience with CM tools such as Git and GitLab
• Experience with container operations (preferably Docker)
• Familiarity with scientific data formats such as HDF and netCDF
• Previous integration experience
• Educational background or experience in satellites and remote sensing
• Teamwork, strong inter-personal skills

Education: BS or greater degree with formal course work in physics, mathematics and computer programming

To Apply:
Please apply directly to our career portal: (NOA1809 Scientific Programmer. Be sure to include your resume and cover letter explaining how your qualifications meet the requirements of the position. Please indicate your timeline of availability and preferred salary level for consideration.


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